Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the purpose of Gurdwaar?

Gurdwaras are in every corner of the world. If a person goes to a strange place where he/she wants to visit a Gurdwara nearby, it is easy for them to search any Gurdwara on Gurdwaar. Now with this global platform, we want all of you to register yourself and register Gurdwara in your locality which will help you and others to easily search Gurdwara anywhere anytime.

2. How can I get information of the Gurdwara?

You can instantly find Gurdwara by using the search box provided on every page or by clicking here. However, you have to make an account to either register any Gurdwara or upload photos of any Gurdwara. Also after registering you will get a daily Hukumnama of Harimandir Sahib, Amritsar in your mailbox so its helpful to register yourself. Registering yourself on the other hand gives you access to edit details of any Gurdwara you find appropriate and upload photos for the same.

3. How to register a new Gurdwara?

All the details have to be entered as given. The uniqueness of a Gurdwara will be determined on the basis of the email id provided. It is advised to zoom maximum into the map to get as close as possible to the precise location of the Gurdwara. Multiple contact numbers separated by commas(,) can be provided. To register any gurdwara, go to Register >> New Gurdwara.

4. Why is email id of Gurdwara necessary?

The uniqueness of the Gurdwara will be determined on the basis of the email id provided. All future references with the Gurdwara will be done through this medium.

5. What if I don’t have an email id of a Gurdwara?

If in case a gurdwara doesn’t have an email id, then please write “” in the email-id field,so that we can forward any voice with that Gurdwara. Incase the email id does not exist please register the Gurdwara with your email id so that you can act as a point of contact for the sewa.

6. What to do if multiple Gurdwara are referenced under one committee with a single email-id?

Please then use the following procedure to register each of the individual Gurdwara:
Take for example there are many Gurdwara in and around Hazur Sahib, Nanded. The email-id provided is ‘’. If any other Gurdwara like ‘Nagina Ghat Sahib’ has to be registered then use the following syntax for the email-id:
On similar lines use the above procedure for registering Gurdwara which either do not have an email-id or you are using your email-id as a point of contact for registering multiple Gurdwara.

7. I want to report an error / mention a correction / give my feedback. What should I do?

Firstly, we apologise for any error. You can just mail us the correction on '' and we will put it across to our content verification authorities and rectify it as soon as possible. Feel free to Contact Us.