Cambridge Gurdwara, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England

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Since the opening of the Cambridge Gurdwara in January 2013, the Sangat has maintained a fully functioning Gurdwara. This has included daily morning Nitnem and evening Rehraas congregational worship, and a main Sunday congregation involving Keertan, Paath and Langar activities. Resident Giani’s have also enabled access to religious services as required throughout the day. Keertan classes are held every Sunday afternoon by Ustad Bhai Satwinder Singh Ji and Jatha.

All major programmes in the Sikh Calendar are celebrated or commemorated including Gurpurab’s, Vaisakhi, and Bandi Chor Divas festivals, and important community events of socio-political significance. Langar is served on all occasions and, in the tradition of the Sikh community, is freely distributed to all, with the community meal prepared by the Sangat for the Sangat.

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