Brent Sikh Centre, Kingsbury, London, England

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The Brent Sikh Centre was founded in 1995 by the Sikh community of Brent. It all started from fairly humble beginnings with programmes being held in a church hall in Edgware. These gatherings were held without break for 23 years. It was obvious to the Sikh community that our own Gurdwara as required as the Sangat grew.
At that time (in 1992), the Brent Council was disposing of an old coal depot/junkyard. The negotiations were started by Brent Sikh Centre (BSC) with Brent Council to get that land for the Sikh Community. After a period of 3 1/2 years the council agreed to sell the land to BSC at a cost of £125,000 for the next 125 years. Finally on 31st March 1995 Brent Sikh Centre got a permanent home in Kingsbury.

The site was a mini forest in itself. Clearing the site of overgrowth, bushes, trees etc took a long time. Services were installed and on 21st May 1995 a 30′ x 20′ porta cabin was positioned on the site providing a temporary hall.

The original porta cabins are now long gone and have made way for a bigger car park which can accommodate approximately 100 cars. As the Sangat continues to grow, more services are being introduced.

The first Akhand Path was held on 16th June 1995. The dining hall, kitchen and store were added later. Due to the generous nature of the Sikh Sangat, the Gurdwara has grown out of the porta cabin and we now have a magnificent new building for our community. The building features two halls for programs and a large langar hall downstairs.

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