Akali Singh Sikh Society Of Vancouver, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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Sikhs are very closely associated with the Gurdwara and Guru Sangat, also called the Satt Sangat, i.e, Congregation in the presence of the True Guru, Guru Granth Sahib.A Congregation is where hymns from Guru Granth Sahib are read, sung by the trained people, while they play on the musical instruments, such as Harmonium and Tabla. Some hymns are also explained by the experts who are well trained and have very deep understanding of Gurbani and also understand the philosophy of Guru Nanak. Explaining the hymns is known as 'Shabad Vichar'. This 'Shabad Vichar' is very important for the Congregation to understand the message from Guru Granth Sahib.It is the Gurdwara institution, where people learn to be humble; to be without ego associated with arrogance; to be truthful in their dealings in life and to be kind to all. This is here where there is opportunity to learn to treat everyone, not only as equals but as brothers, sisters and older people as parents. This is here where we learn to engage in the service of humanity, without any prejudice. This is here that we learn to believe in righteousness, i.e, to treat each person with dignity and to recognize, respect and defend the rights of others. This is here that we learn to be God Centered.

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